My Space: Addams Family Daughter Cortney Wolfson Keeps Her Vocabulary as High as Her Health Backstage

In The Addams Family, daughter Wednesday has a lot to put up with when her boyfriend’s parents come to visit her creepy, kooky family. So when Cortney Wolfson isn’t playing her onstage, she needs a serene place backstage to wind down. Wolfson took Broadway.com on a tour of her dressing room, where she keeps healthy and maintains her high vocabulary.

“I eat an apple at every intermission, so I carry an apple corer in my suitcase. It’s so much easier to bring through security than a big ol’ knife.”

“The arrow pin was a gift from our book writers Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman. It's one of Wednesday’s staple props in the show. I think it’s a good luck charm and I carry it with me to every city.”

“I don't know what I would do backstage without the Words With Friends iPhone app. I have a ton of games with different people going at one time. It’s a great way to distract me from all the things I should be doing instead.”

“I have a nail polish fetish. These are the colors I chose to take with me on the road; it’s not even a tenth of my entire collection, which is back home in New York.”

“This robe was my going-away present from the girls in the Broadway production of The Addams Family. I put it on at the half-hour call before every single show.”

See Wolfson and the rest of her relatives in The Addams Family at the ASU Gammage from December 11 through December 16.

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